Dimethyl Sulfoxide Used in Industrial

Dimethyl sulfoxide is an extremely important aprotic polar solvent, that is both soluble in water and soluble in organic solvents. Many customers buy Dimethyl sulfoxide from China .Dimethyl sulfoxide widely used as a solvent and reagent, it has a high selectivity for extraction. Buy Dimethyl sulfoxide from China is good choice. Dimethyl sulfoxide itself has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, diuretic, sedative, and can be directly used as a raw material and carrier ,for drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.So many people buy Dimethyl sulfoxide from China, use it in Medical field.

1. It can be used as organic solvent, reaction medium and organic synthesis intermediate. It has a wide range of uses. This product has high selective extraction capacity, used as polymerization and condensation solvent, for acrylic resin and polysulfone resin, polymeric spinning solvent for polyacrylonitrile and acetate fiber, extraction solvent for separation of alkane and aromatic hydrocarbon, Aromatic hydrocarbon, butadiene extraction, acrylic spinning, plastic solvents and organic synthetic dyes, pharmaceutical and other industrial reaction media.

2. It is used for aromatic hydrocarbon extraction, reaction medium of resin and dye, acrylic fiber polymerization, solvent for spinning, etc.

3. It is used as an analytical reagent and a gas chromatographic fixative, and is also used as a solvent for ultraviolet spectrum analysis.

4. Transdermal enhancer. Dimethyl sulfoxide is one of the earliest trans-dermal permeation enhancers, and its penetration properties may be related to its solvent properties. Dimethyl sulfoxide can denature proteins in skin keratinocytes; it can disrupt the orderly arrangement of lipids in the stratum corneum cells; it can remove the stratum corneum lipids, lipoproteins, enhance the penetration of drugs, but use high concentration of dimethyl when sulfoxide is used, it causes erythema, blisters and irreversible damage to the skin. 

5, Antifreeze. The freezing point of pure dimethyl sulfoxide is 18.45 °C, 40% aqueous dimethyl sulfoxide - 60 °C is not frozen, and dimethyl sulfoxide is exothermic when mixed with water and snow. Therefore, it is convenient to make automobile antifreeze, brake oil and hydraulic fluid components.Buy Dimethyl sulfoxide from China with best price.



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