Is Propylene Glycol Harmful to the Skin?


It is safe in cosmetics because it is low in content, and is only used as a solvent component. Buy propylene glycol from China is a good choice for people, it has many efficacies in cosmetics. Propylene Glycol used as Humectant. 



Nobody know where the safety of propylene glycol originated from the earliest, but it seems that some consumers are now aware of the safety of propylene glycol. Some consumers think it may cause skin irritation, and some may even think it will cause cancer. In fact, this kind of judgment on the safety of propylene glycol is one-sidedly inaccurate. The pure raw material of propylene glycol has certain skin irritation, but the pure raw material is not only stimulating to the skin but also propylene glycol. Like many surfactants, preservatives, flavors, etc., it will be irritating to the skin. Especially sensitive skin, all kinds of raw materials may cause allergies or irritation, how can we blame propylene glycol a raw material?


However, it is not 100% propylene glycol added in cosmetics. The general content is about 1%~10%. Propylene glycol is not a banned substance for cosmetics, nor is it a cosmetic restricted substance. There are quite a few products on the market that contain propylene glycol, and no large multinational company has banned propylene glycol.Buy propylene glycol from China more safety.


The efficacy of propylene glycol




Moisturizing mechanism is the same as glycerin, but not so glycerin.


2. Antifreeze


Reducing the crystallization point of water makes it less prone to freezing when the product is at sub-zero temperatures to avoid stability problems.


3. Promoting penetration agent


Propylene glycol is used as a penetration enhancer to enable better transdermal absorption, of the active ingredients in the product. Usually used in combination with oleic acid or azone, and it is widely used.





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