Potassium Silicate ------New Inorganic Architectural Coating

China's research on inorganic coatings began in the late 1980s, Potassium silicate manufacturers began to manufacture potassium silicate and sodium silicate coatings. In recent years, potassium silicate manufacturers have begun to develop high-performance potassium silicate industrial coatings, which have improved can openness, film appearance, and overall performance. Inorganic potassium silicate coatings have become one of the development directions of coatings, because of their excellent environmental performance. Potassium silicate manufacturers use inorganic compounds such as potassium silicate and phosphate as binders, and add pigments, auxiliaries or curing agents.

The advantage of potassium silicate manufacturers using potassium silicate inorganic coatings:

1 Potassium silicate and no volatile organic compounds in use, harmless to the environment, low cost, after heating at room temperature or low temperature, forming a film similar to ceramics, glass, refractory materials, cement, etc.

2 With flame retardant, weathering, corrosion resistance, insulation, heat insulation, high hardness, and other characteristics, high-temperature performance far exceeds organic coatings.

3 Its high added value and special functions are striking, used as architectural coatings, including single and two components based on potassium silicate manufacture, silica sol-based single component, modified sodium water glass Architectural coatings for base materials, and inorganic fireproof, mildewproof, thermal insulation, waterproof coatings, inorganic-organic composite coatings, etc.

4 Water-based potassium silicate coating is chemically cross-linked with cement substrate, directly combined with the substrate, does not fall off, does not powder, the volatile matter after the film is formed is water, harmless and environmentally friendly, has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance Sexuality, non-combustible fire, good pollution resistance, water resistance and bright decorative effect.

Potassium silicate manufacturers, in recent years, uses potassium silicate as an interior decoration material, its fire performance is improved to Class A, high-temperature and public areas must use non-combustible and smoke-free materials, inorganic coatings do not add or add very small amounts of organic matter, and are non-flammable and smokeless.



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