Alpha Olefin Sulfonate
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    • Commodity Details:



      CAS No.: 68439-57-6




      Molecular Formula: RCH=CH(CH2)nSO3Na    






      1. Maked by gas-phase sulfonation and continuous neutralization.

      2. Excellent decontamination, emulsification and calcium soap dispersing performances.

      3. Good solubilizing performance and wide compatibility, rich and fine foam, biodegradable ability.

      4. Low toxicity and low irritation to skin, etc.




      1. 100% biodegradability

      2. Good wetting, foaming, detergency, emulsifying property

      3. Little skin irritant

      4. Good calcium soap dispersion and anti-hard water performances

      5. Dissolves in water and rinsed easily

      6. Good Stability, good compatibility with other kinds of surfactants

      Performance and application:
      α-olefin sulfonate is a type of anionic surfactant processed by α-olefin gas-phase sulfonation and continuous neutralization. It has excellent emulsifying, decontaminating and calcium soap dispersing performances. Advantages include good solvency and compatibility, rich and fine foam, easy to biodegradation, low toxicity and low irritation to skin, etc. Especially in the application of non-phosphorus detergents, it has not only the good washing ability, but also good compatibility with enzyme agents. Powder (grain) shape products have good fluidity, therefore they are widely used in non-phosphorus washing powder, liquid detergents and home washing products, textile, printing and dyeing industry, petrochemical products, and industrial hard surface cleaning agents, etc.


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