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    • Product name:Barium Sulfate .

      Barium Sulfate Molecular Formula:  BaSO4


      Barium Sulfate General Introduction:
      barium sulphate is super-fine powder made from high quality barite. After thoroughly grinding , the end products have good dispersibility, high whiteness , nice covering power , stable chemical properties. When it been used as filler in coating or paint , can adjust coating or paint’s thickness ,color and luster and improve chemical stability. When it been used in plastic, can make plastic more durable. And it also been widely used in rubber, paper-making ,ceramics and other industrial fields.



      Barium Sulfate Applications :
      It mainly uses in the powder coating , the water paint, printing ink, plastic,rubber, papermaking, medicine synthesis chemical industry, ceramics, cosmetics etc.


      Barium Sulfate Specification:

      Test ItemStandardsResult
      Water soluble matter≤0.30%0.11%
      Acid soluble matter≤0.60%confirmed
      PH value  6.0-9.08.0
      Particle size distribution≤5 μm: 85% minconfirmed
      Oil absorption8-25%19%
      Whiteness:  ≥9696

      Property: Amorphous white powder or paste. Nontoxic. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in boiling hydrochloric acid. Chemically stable, with a total reduction of carbon as barium sulfide. It won't change color when meeting with hydrogen sulfide or toxic gases in the air.


      Application:  It can be used as filler for paint, printing ink, rubber, plastic, insulating tape, surface paint agent for photo paper and copper plate. It can also be used in pigment, porcelain, storage battery, porcelain enamel, glass and flavor etc.

      Packaging and transport: Double-layer plastic woven or compound plastic woven bag with polyethylene film lining, net wt 25 or 50 kg. Avoid rain, moisture, and sunlight during transportation

      Applications: Used in the paint, printing ink, pigment, rubber, storage battery, plastic, and steel plate machine industries.


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