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    • Three lead tetroxide (chemical formula Pb3O4), commonly known as red lead, red lead, the relative molecular mass of 685.60. National standard number: 61507, CAS number: 1314-41-6. Mainly used as anti-rust pigments, organic synthesis oxidants, battery milling. It is a kind of fresh orange powder or block solid, it is insoluble in water, but soluble in hot alkali, dilute nitric acid, acetic acid, and hydrochloric acid. It is a toxic chemical.


      Another name:

      Lead oxide red, Trilead tetroxide

      Chemical formula:


      Molecular weight:



      EINECS No.:



      Melting point

      500 °C

      Boiling point



      9,1 g/cm3


      Vapour pressure

       10 mm Hg ( 0 °C)


      red powder






      Packaging Details: 25Kg/woven bags;50Kg/woven bags;50Kg/iron drums;1000Kg/big bag, All packing PE bag inside.

      Delivery Time:around 7 days after payment




      1. Used for batteries, glass, pottery, enamel, antirust paints, etc.; used as raw materials for analysis reagents, paint pigments and glass. Inorganic red pigment. The paint industry is used to manufacture anti-rust paints and steel protective coatings with good rust prevention performance.

      2. The glass industry is used for the manufacture of enamel and optical glass. The ceramic industry is used to make ceramic glazes.

      3, the electronics industry for the manufacture of piezoelectric components. The battery industry is used for the production of batteries.

      4, machinery industry for metal grinding.

      5, organic chemical industry for the manufacture of dyes and other organic synthetic oxidants. Can be used for rubber coloring.

      6, the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of ointment, plaster and so on. Used as an inorganic red pigment for the analysis of reagents, paint pigments and glass.

      7, widely used in anti-rust paint. Also used in the manufacture of optical glass, general glass, ceramic glaze, enamel, and piezoelectric elements. Can be used as a dye and other organic

      8, synthetic oxidants.

      9, can be used as dyes and other organic synthesis oxidants. Also used in rubber coloring, batteries, medicines, synthetic resins, etc.

      10, for the production of batteries, glass, pottery, ceramics, and as a protective surface layer of anti-rust pigments and iron, and dyes and other organic synthetic oxidants.




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      FREE sample is ok, but the sample delivery fee is on your side.

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      1, T/T, 30% prepaid, the balance 70% will be paid when the products are ready!

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      Generally it is 3-7 working days after receiving your deposit.

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      Since 2003. So we enjoy much experience, can take care your cargo very well!


      E, Can you supply relative document?

      Of course, we can supply MSDS, COA, CO, commerical invoice, packing list, B/L...

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      Yes, we do!


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    • Manufacturing Method:

      1) Preparation of calcined lead (II) oxide, removal of PbO with potassium hydroxide solution.

      2) Annealed lead (II) carbonate.

      3) Oxidation annealing of white lead.

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