Manganese dioxide CAS 1313-13-9


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    • Manganese Dioxide 
      CAS: 1313-13-9 
      EINECS : 215-202-6 
      Molecular formula: C4H14BN 
      Molecular weight: 86.9717
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      Black or black brown amorphous powder, relative density 5.026, melting point 535, insoluble in water and nitric acid, but soluble in acetone.

      Common Size:  

      100mesh,200mesh,300mesh,400mesh.The size can be changed according to your requirement.



      electrolytic manganese dioxide for lithium ion battery material water treatment

      electrolytic manganese dioxide for lithium ion battery material water treatment


      It is mainly used as the depolarizer in dry cells, a good decolorizer in glass industry, the raw material of manganese alloy manufacture in electronic industry, the heating agent in casting industry, the crude material of ceramics, enamel glazes and manganate, etc.

      Advantages about Our Products:

      1. High energy density

      2. High open circuit voltage

      3. Wide range of operating temperature

      4. Stable operating voltage and current

      5. Long operating time

      6. Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year at 25)


      Packaging & Shipping

        25kg and 50kg into a woven bag,1000kg per pallet, or according to your requirement.

      Storage:Handle gently, prevent damage of the bags to avoid product losing and Mixing with other materials, no mix-storage with other products. 

      Our Services                                               

      - Prompt reply & instant communication available

      - Packing according to client’s requirement

      - Quality control before shipment

      we are manufacturer of Manganese dioxide and certainly we have best price with good quality. 

      We export products to North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan and so on. Every year export volume is more than 70000MT.

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